The Hers OWNly Collection


This past summer I had the opportunity and fortune to be selected to attend the first every HersOnly conference being hosted by TOFIInternational.  TOFI is an organization focused on, and passionate about uplifting and promoting women of color entrepreneurs.

The weekend was magical.  To be in the presence of such exceptional women was truly something I will never forget.  I came home from the weekend so full that I opened up my design software and designed and handcrafted the first cards I had made in a very long time.  The result is what you see before you, the HersOnly Collection.

This collection consists of the three cards you see, and envelopes to match each.

Do you want to send some good vibes and inspiration to an up and coming entrepreneur you know?  Believe me, we can use all the encouragement we can get!  These cards are perfect for just that occasion, or just to let someone know that it’s okay to keep going and working hard.



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